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      Biological sample library
      Clinical treatment of the disease
      Biological application system for life
      Preserving various human biological materials
      According to the definition of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Biobank is a biological application system that centrally stores various human biological materials for clinical treatment and life science research of diseases. .
        Types of:
      There are many types of biological libraries (Biobank), such as tissue banks, such as blood banks, corneal banks, and bone marrow banks, to normal cells, genetically modified cells, tumor cells, and hybridoma cell lines. In recent years, a cell bank (system) library has appeared, and various stem cell banks such as a cord blood stem cell bank and an embryonic stem cell bank, and a Genome bank of various races and diseases have appeared in recent years.
      These biological libraries (Biobank) have played an important role in the research of major diseases such as blood diseases, immune system diseases, diabetes, and malignant tumors.
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