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      Forced stimulation of the deep muscles
      Increase the core strength of the trunk
      Reduce or prevent low back pain
      Deep muscle core strength training system
      The traditional back muscle strength training device uses a rotation or flexion and extension exercise to train only the shallow muscles of the human torso. Developed specifically for lumbar spine function training, the isensic training focuses on deep muscles near the pivot point of the spine. Through the application of isensic for short-range linear motion with small amplitude, it can forcefully stimulate the deep muscles of the spine, increase the core strength of the trunk, reduce or prevent low back pain, improve body stability and posture control.
      The traditional training equipment fixes the pelvis, the pelvis becomes the training "fixed point", the spine becomes the training "moving point", and the deep muscles of the spine are not effectively exercised.
      The itensic deep muscle core strength training system uses the gravity generated by the slope of the device to induce the body's instinctive posture-regulating response, and directly trains the deep muscles of the spine in repeated movements against gravity.
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