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      GenePure Pro
      Large screen LCD panel
      Beautiful and elegant
      easy to use
        GenePure Pro uses magnetic bead separation technology to automatically purify high-purity nucleic acids from a variety of sample materials such as blood, tissue, and cells by selecting the appropriate kit. The whole instrument structure is exquisitely designed, the transparent working chamber is convenient for observing the working condition; the large-screen LCD panel is beautiful and simple, and the operation is simple; the perfect protection function is safe and reliable. It is a powerful "helper" in clinical genetic testing and molecular biology laboratory research.
      product name GenePure Pro Automatic Nucleic Acid Purification Instrument
      Product number NPA-32P
      Sample throughput 1-32
      Processing volume  20~1000μl
      Use consumables 96 deep hole plate + magnetic rod cover
      Magnetic bead collection efficiency ≥98%
      Purify the hole difference (CV) <3%
      Operating humidity range 10%~90%
      Operating temperature range 10℃~40℃
      Heating temperature control range Cracking heating temperature: room temperature +5 ° C ~ 125 ° C
      Elution heating temperature: room temperature +5 ° C ~ 125 ° C
      Oscillating mixing Multi-mode and multi-speed adjustable
      Disinfection and decontamination UV lamp
      Barcode scanning User selectable
      Reagent type Magnetic bead nucleic acid purification reagent
      Operation interface 8-inch touch screen embedded integrated operation
      Program management New, edit, delete mode programs; free and flexible editing extractor
      Interface mode USB support
      Barcode scanning User selectable
      Dimensions (mm) 430×395×435mm(L×W×H)
      power supply AC100-240V   50Hz/60Hz   600W
      net weight 32.5kg
      Certification CE/PICC Product Quality Liability Insurance

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