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      Save tube
      The whole kind of preservation tube is sterilized
      Store at room temperature before use
      Can be stored for 1 year before use
      During use, the bacteria are inoculated in a preservation tube and stored in an environment of -20 ° C or -80 ° C for long-term storage. (It can be stored for one year at -20 °C and two years at -80 °C).
      The preservation of bacterial strains has always been an essential task in the laboratory. For a long time, various methods such as plate passaging, bevel passaging, freeze-drying, etc. have been formed.
      preservation method. With the short to long storage time, the complexity of storage and the requirements for the corresponding equipment are gradually increasing. How to obtain the best relationship between saveable time and preservation complexity is the key to the preservation method of strains.
      1. The culture tube is made of polypropylene and can withstand temperatures up to -197 °C.
      2. The strain preservation tube contains 25 or so porous small porcelain beads. The surface of the small porcelain beads is porous, and the bacteria can be conveniently adsorbed on the surface.
      3. The bacteria preservation tube contains the bacteria cryopreservation protection solution to protect the strain from the temperature change of the preservation solution and the influence of ice crystals. Achieve long-term preservation.
      Sterilization and preservation:
      The strain preservation tube is sterilized by r-ray as a whole and can be stored at room temperature before use.
      It can be stored for 1 year before being used.
      The strain preservation tube can store general bacteria, harsh bacteria, fungi such as mold and yeast, and can also be preserved through the strain preservation tube under low temperature conditions. Therefore, the strain preservation tube is widely used in the clinical field (preservation of clinical susceptibility test strains) ), the field of disease control (monitoring the preservation of isolated strains), the preservation center of strains (daily access and preservation of strains), and the fields of pharmaceutical companies (preservation and retrieval of positive control strains).
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