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      Domestic medical equipment

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        Medical Network November 23rd In the field of medical devices, there is a popular saying: Only one industry in the world has higher quality requirements than medical equipment, that is, aerospace! As an important part of high-end precision manufacturing, medical devices are typical capital-industry dual-intensive industries: high technological content, high initial investment, and high output profit. Among the top ten global medical device companies in 2018, American companies have 7 seats, Germany has 2 seats, and the Netherlands has 1 seat. It can be said that the medical device industry is in the high monopoly of developed countries in Europe and America and is one of the pillar industries of its economy.
        China's medical device industry started late, but it has developed rapidly. In recent years, more and more Chinese companies have participated in the competition of the medical equipment market, breaking the situation of “GPS” (US General Motors, Dutch Philips, Siemens Germany) in the past. Driven by a series of national brands, more and more high-end medical equipment "fly into the homes of ordinary people", allowing Chinese people to enjoy better medical services at a lower cost.
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