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      Market demand is booming, China's medical device industry is growing rapidly

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        Since 2013, the growth rate of China's medical device market has obviously exceeded the growth rate of the pharmaceutical market, which is about twice the growth rate of the pharmaceutical market. Under the dual market demand and favorable policies, China's medical device industry is growing rapidly. 
        In addition to the huge purchasing needs of private hospitals, the state is still promoting the grading diagnosis and treatment. Many county-level hospitals with incomplete medical equipment are increasing the procurement of imaging equipment, ultrasound, in vitro diagnostic products, cardiovascular and orthopedic consumables.
        Recently, the Health and Health Commission issued the "Comprehensive Work Plan for Comprehensive Improvement of County-Level Hospitals (2018-2020)". The plan pointed out that by 2020, 500 county hospitals and county Chinese medicine hospitals must reach "three-level hospitals" and "three-level" respectively. The service capacity requirements of Chinese medicine hospitals are equivalent to an increase of 21% based on the current 2,439 tertiary hospitals.
        According to industry insiders, from the perspective of the scale of medical device and pharmaceutical market, developed countries have basically reached 1:1, the global average is about 0.7:1, and the Chinese market is only 0.25:1. There is still huge room for growth in the medical device market. .
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